The aerospace industry in the UK is the third largest aerospace industry in the world, employing 113,000 people directly and approximately 276,000 people indirectly through peripheral suppliers. It contributes to £20b of the UK’s GDP.

Some of our customers are major third party suppliers to this industry, supplying products which vary from small components, aeroplane parts,(including life-saving appliances, batteries and gases), electrical components and air frame assemblies.

Great care has to be taken in the packing of most products so that these parts do not become corroded in transit.

We usually foil pack  and vacuum pack these products, regardless of size, to ensure moisture exposure is kept to an absolute minimum.

One of our major clients in this sector specifically services one major aircraft manufacturer and we in turn supply them with a wide range of packaging (cartons, cases and UN spec items), in order for the manufacture to protect the airframe parts they produce.

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