At MPS, our export packing services are tailor-made to provide the best solution for your consignments being transported by road, rail, sea or air, – worldwide, using materials that conform to UKWPMP ISPM15 Regulations, to ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

Good quality packaging is essential to contain and protect products while offering a means of conveniently handling them.

Each package design has the goal of protecting the product from the assembly line to the end user.

There are many risks, even in domestic distribution, and international transport and distribution can increase the frequency that products are handled and also the possibility of damage.

Poor packing and / or packaging can lead to damage, decay, inconvenience and financial cost, due to damaged or incomplete shipments, or the possibility of rejection of the shipment by the buyer.

By working with the customer and / or forwarder, we assess the consignment and its transport limitations and devise the best method of packing the consignment.

Consideration is given to:

  • Size of the piece(s)
  • Weight of the piece(s)
  • Fragility factor of the items
  • Where the goods are to be packed – in house or at customers premises
  • Handling of the piece(s) / packed items
  • Mode of transport and duration of journey
  • Storage conditions on delivery of the packed items

Once this has been worked through, the most suitable method of packing can be established

  • Type of case to be used
  • How the piece(s) will be secured
  • Protection of bright parts
  • Use of Barrier foil, if required
  • Provision of fork lift battens / lifting points

After this is discussed and agreed with the customer, the packing is scheduled and the required case(s) produced, goods are packed in the agreed manner and on completion, details of the packed items are passed on to the customer.

With a history of customers in every known sector of Industry, we have vast experience that can deliver the correct packing solution for you.

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