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MPS have been involved in the supply of Dangerous Goods Packaging for many years, during which time we have obtained an authorised distributorship for the North of the country for packaging manufactured by Duropack, in Germany.

As a company we pride ourselves on being able to give guidance on any matters regarding the packing and shipping of dangerous goods.

We have a wide range of packaging products available from stock to ensure that all of your dangerous goods shipping needs are met, from documentation, packaging, and all the legislation needed to enable you to complete the packaging of hazardous goods.

UN Approved Fibreboard Carton (4G / 4GV) Primary Range

The following range of UN approved cartons are an off the shelf, multi licensed, high performance, general use, fibreboard box.

Their distinctive orange wax coated board makes them both water resistant and very durable.

The addition of a 4GV license on the cases will enable our customers to pack non-tested inner packagings in the boxes, safe in the knowledge that they will be meeting all of the requirements of IATA, ADR and IMDG without additional testing costs.

All of the cases Listed below are available from stock. If you are unsure of which case would be suitable for your needs please call for assistance.


6_5CODE: GHAZO1 – 6/5   SIZE 175 x 155 x 213  MM

7_5CODE: GHAZO10 – 7/5  SIZE 175 x 155 x 300 MM

 9_8-8GHAZ02  – 9/8.8  SIZE 213 x 213 x 223  MM

16_12CODE: GHAZ03 – 16/12  SIZE 275 x 195 x 300 MM

23_17CODE: GHAZ04 – 23/17  SIZE 325 x 245 x 300 MM

28_21CODE: GHAZO5 – 28/21 SIZE 360 x 260 x 300 MM

40_30CODE: GHAZ06 – 40/30 SIZE 430 x 310 x 300 MM

65_43CODE:   GHAZ07 – 65/43 SIZE 390 x 390 x 430 MM

90_60-1CODE:   GHAZ08 – 90/60 SIZE 570 x 340 x 430 MM

241_106CODE:     GHAZ09 – 241/106 SIZE 770 x 570x 550 MM

Please note that additional packing requirements may be needed depending on the method of transport. Please refer to the correct legal documentation relating to the method of transport being used.

UN Approved Fibreboard Carton (4G) Our Secondary Range

The following range of UN approved cartons are an off the shelf, general use, fibreboard packing case. These cases are used for dangerous goods but carry less weight than the primary range.

Tested primarily with glass Winchesters, we have extended the testing to include some plastic and metal containers. These cases are also available from stock.

CODE             SIZE (mm)                  PACKING WEIGHTS

GHAZ13          135 x 135 x 280          5Kg (PG I)

GHAZ15          185x185x380              l0Kg (PG I)

GHAZ16          210 x 210 x 435          10Kg (PG I)

GHAZ17          275 x 275 x 287          12Kg (PG II)

GHAZ18          383 x 383 x 383          20Kg (PG I)

Void FILL and Absorbent Material – Vermiculite

Exfoliated Vermiculite is our choice of absorbent and void fill material for the packaging of dangerous goods. Its high absorbency and resistance to chemicals make it an excellent and safe cushioning material for the transport of      dangerous goods.

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