For customers wishing to pack their own items, we stock a wide range of packaging consumables, including items such as :

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Small cell, Large cell – various roll sizes


  • Tapes
  • Vinyl Tape, Polypropylene Tape, Acrylic Tape, Reinforced Crossweave Tape,
  • Coloured Tape, Printed Tape.


  • Postal Bags
  • bubble lined postal bags are lined with bubble material that absorbs impact to guarantee protection throughout transit.


  • Cushioning and Void Fill
  • Packaging chips, also referred to as Loose Fill packaging, are an all-purpose packaging means to suit any requirement


  • Labels
  • A wide range of labels for marking of your packages


Most common materials are available ex stock, other items are available at short lead times.

Due to the vast amount of products / sizes available, please contact us for further details / availability.

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