In addition to our extensive, ready to use “off the shelf’, range of packaging, MPS offer a comprehensive custom made service, from concept, through to point of sale.

All “FEFCO” styles (the industry accepted standard) are available, as well as innovative designs engineered in house . (

Our trained sales team would be pleased to advise on the most effective combination of material and print for the volumes required and the end market being supplied.

To follow is a brief description of the types of corrugated board available and examples of the applications they can be used for.

Single Wall Corrugated Board

Single wall corrugated board is made from two sheets of paper called liners’ and a corrugated inner medium called the fluting’. When the paper is constructed in this way, it gives the corrugated board significantly more strength and rigidity than that of each component layer. The construction forms a set of connected arches, which are well known for their ability to support heavy weights.

The air space between the flutes also gives a degree of insulation that gives excellent protection against temperature variations.

The fluting medium can also be varied thicknesses; from 1.1mm for ‘F’ flute board up to 4.3mm for A’ flute board.

Double Wall Corrugated Board

Double wall corrugated board has a similar construction to single wall board but has two fluting mediums instead of one, and three liners instead of two. This gives the board additional stacking strength and better puncture resistance. Double wall can still be die-cut, as with single wall, but case dimensions have to be larger to allow for the extra thickness in board.

The fluting size can be varied, depending on the application of the case. The most common type of double wall board BC’ flute which is approximately 6.2mm thick, with the thinner fluting on the outside of the case to allow for a better finish when printing.

Triple Wall Corrugated Board

Triple wall corrugated is a heavy-duty board, manufactured from three fluting mediums and four liners. The strength of this board compared to its weight, makes it an excellent material for the manufacture of heavy-duty cases for export purposes. We sell triple wall sheetboard from stock in sheet sizes of upto 2160 x 3500 for lining cases for export and other uses where strength is important, but weight needs to be kept to a minimum.

The most common form of carton is the FEFCO 0201 style, which is a normal fold over flaps, top and bottom. This style of case is the most economical style of case as it produces very little waste and requires no tooling and origination charges (unless it is printed( and can be produced directly from the corrugator.

Collapsible pallet boxes are ideal for exporting large and heavy goods where storage space is minimal and protection of your product is essential.

We have four sizes available from stock, plus a made to measure service available where needed.

CODE                                     PALLET SIZE (INTERNAL)

DW001 Pal-box                      1080 x 880 x 550mm

JCA Racking Pal-box             1140 x 840 x 840 mm

Pal-box 02                               1160 x 760 x 900 mm

Pal-box 01                               1180 x 980 x 900 mm

Types of pallets available

All heat treated to ISPM – 15  F.C. 646. License No.

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