MPS provide a packing service to ensure that your products are evaluated, inspected, packed, marked and documented correctly.

By definition, Dangerous Goods are substances or articles that are capable of posing significant risk to health, safety or to property when transported.

U.N. certified packaging, which is tested and approved by appropriate National Authorities, must be used for all forms of transport.

The range of packaging we utilise, has been subjected to numerous tests to determine its performance, which can include pressure, drop and stack testing.


Our packing process uses high performance, multi-licensed U.N. certified packaging, so we are able to ensure that your consignment can be transported safely and in compliance with modal regulations. (I.C.A.O (Air), – A.D.R (Road), – R.I.D. (Rail) – and the International Maritime Organisation – I.M.O. (Sea).


Our staff have considerable experience, that is second to none, in handling a varied range of dangerous goods consignments and can therefore advise on the safest and most cost effective way of making sure that your consignment conform to the regulations.

MPS have been serving shippers and forwarders in the North West region (and beyond) since 2001, from individuals and small businesses through to the major names in Petro-chemical, Automotive, Manufacturing and Forwarding industries and some client relationships have a foundation that stretches back over 25 years.

With a list of over 300 active customers, we are extremely pleased that our efforts have made us the first port of call for existing and future customers.

Please contact us to see if we are able to help with your requirements.

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